Ports, Marinas and Harbours


During a port, marina, or harbour development, the historic environment must be taken into consideration. This includes new harbour developments and extensions of existing ports, harbours and marinas.

Ports and harbours have historically been vital links for travel and trade, and this legacy continues today. The historic environment asset is therefore often a complex environment where evidence of past environments, archaeological sites, and historic buildings can be found. The unique assets cannot be recovered or re-created if damaged or destroyed during development or construction. For this reason, it is important that archaeological input is sought as early as possible when considering undertaking a port, marina, or harbour development.

The vast academic experience in maritime heritage that underpins Maritime Archaeology Ltd’s range of services means that our archaeologists and project managers can quickly assist you in overcoming issues, whilst preserving your cultural heritage sites.

We will provide a package of services that will meet the archaeological demands of your port, harbour or marina project including