Technical Modelling and 3D Services

Using visualisation initiatives developed during more than 30 years of active fieldwork, our capacity to record and disseminate submerged cultural heritage has become a highly sought-after deliverable. Our technical expertise in 3D modelling and dynamic interpretation can be incorporated within almost any project’s data collation and output. We use cutting-edge applications for visualisation for dynamic monitoring and structural analysis of artefacts and features.

Maritime Archaeology Ltd has developed methods, techniques and understanding that constitutes a unique skill base for rapid three-dimensional recording of cultural heritage sites in challenging and complex subsea environments.

Site data collected using aerial, acoustic or optical methods can be reconstructed and analysed qualitatively while retaining a high visual impact. Using virtual reality, we can now take our clients directly to these often otherwise inaccessible sites to explore firsthand a truly immersive and engaging environmental experience. Artefacts can be viewed and ‘handled’ over the web, and imagery acquired by divers, ROVs, AUVs and drones allows us to present a view of our world and our past in a way that has only recently become possible.

In addition, Maritime Archaeology Ltd also develops and design custom made SQL databases tailored to the needs of our clients. The database can be used to organise large sets of archaeological, environmental or artefactual data.

Maritime Archaeology Ltd has been quick to respond to the opportunities presented through emerging technologies and we intend to remain at the leading edge of this field as it continues to develop.

View some of the work we have produce with the Maritime Archaeology Trust here.