Research and Analysis


Investigation of marine cultural heritage is a developing field. Maritime Archaeology Ltd draws on over 30 years of experience gained in research and development of approaches and techniques for the investigation, monitoring and management of archaeology underwater and in the inter-tidal zone.

Your project may require an innovative approach to assessment or investigation. We enjoy the challenge of ensuring standards are maintained within the marine archaeological environment, while providing the best advice and service to the client.

We specialise in:

  • The assessment, evaluation, excavation and monitoring of submerged prehistoric landscapes, within the UK and internationally.
  • Shipwreck inspection, survey, sampling, excavation and monitoring.
  • Single finds and excavation archives to undertake or arrange artefact, sample and deposit assessment, analysis and dating.
  • Large-area-based assessments of the marine historic resource in relation to marine development sectors, e.g., offshore wind farms, telecommunication cables and seaweed cultivation
  • Shore line and coastal management studies.
  • Utilising heritage data and information to feed into broader marine environmental studies, often involving inter-agency and partnership working and the management of large digital data sets.
  • Services for the heritage sector for the development of digital data standards and content and the analysis of information for aspects of marine spatial planning and management.