Heritage Professionals and Stakeholders


At Maritime Archaeology Ltd we are well placed to help you determine the requirements of your project. We pride ourselves on earning the trust of our clients and stakeholders, quickly determining the precise deliverables required to satisfy all parties in often highly complex situations.

We work with curators and all stakeholders on heritage projects and seek local knowledge for each and every project that we are involved in. These can be curators, local groups, societies and other organisations relevant to our sector and the project.

Our project managers’ detailed understanding of key issues ensures that our work is accurate, timely and well received – for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Strategic Studies

With our broad experience of maritime cultural heritage and the marine environment, we can assist you with a wide range of strategic studies which are either heritage-based or utilise heritage data.

Digital data management and assessment

There is a wide range of digital data collected from the marine environment or held within maritime or heritage databases. At Maritime Archaeology Ltd we are experienced in the use, management and presentation of digital data for a range of commercial, research and display purposes. We work to established data standards for the heritage sector.

Artefact and sample assessment and analysis

Archaeological and geotechnical sampling and excavation can result in the collection of a wide range of artefacts and deposits. As part of the archaeological assessment and analysis process these require specialist review. We can provide you with artefact assessment either through our in-house staff or with one of our partner specialists. This can include palaeoenvironmental assessment, timber analysis or scientific dating for a range of artefact types.