Retained Archaeologists


Our archaeology project managers are available for flexible consultancy at all stages of your project, from planning to field investigations. Our services are underpinned by strong academic researchers who have vast experience in delivering archaeological services to industry.

The benefit of employing Maritime Archaeology Ltd as your retained archaeologist is that we are able to advise you during the development of your project on best practice for unexpected finds, heritage protection and other areas related to your development.

As retained archaeologists our services can include: 

  • maintaining, reviewing and updating the WSIs (Outline, Draft and final Agreed), as required; 
  • advising contractors as to which activities warrant archaeological involvement; 
  • advising contractors in the course of evaluating scope of work specifications on their capacity to meet archaeological requirements; 
  • advising our clients on the necessary interaction with third parties with archaeological interests; 
  • advising our clients on the implementation of generic archaeological requirements applicable to all construction activities; 
  • advising out clients on Method Statements for archaeological investigations; 
  • advising our clients on survey specifications required for appropriate archaeological analysis so that archaeological considerations are reflected in the survey design for both archaeological and non-archaeological surveys; 
  • implementing and monitoring the PAD; 
  • monitoring the work of and liaising with any archaeological contractor(s); 
  • reviewing available geophysical and geotechnical data and/or reports that can inform the location of Archaeological Exclusion Zones; 
  • monitoring the preparation and submission of archaeological reports as appropriate and making them available to the Archaeological Curator(s); 
  • ensuring provision for the management of our clients’ material archive in consultation with an appropriate museum or suitable repository;  
  • monitoring the preparation and submission of an archaeological post-construction monitoring plan as appropriate and making it available to the Archaeological Curator(s); and 
  • advising our clients on final arrangements for analysis, archive deposition, publication and popular dissemination.