Quality & Safety


We recognise that you may have a great pressure to deliver your project not only on time, but with stringent legal guidelines.

This is why at Maritime Archaeology Ltd, we are committed to providing a quality assured service to all our clients and work to the highest standards of archaeology and health and safety.

We are a registered organisation with the Charted Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA), the discipline’s professional body, and conduct all work in line with the Institute’s standards and guidelines.

Our methodology and approach seeks to exceed the standards set out in the CIfAs ‘Code of Conduct’. In the field we also adhere to the CIfA’s ‘Code of approved practice for the regulation of contractual arrangements in field archaeology’.

In addition, our staff follows the company’s desire for excellence – our senior project staff are corporate members of the CIfA which means you can be assured that they have undergone a process of peer validation to determine their competence.

Furthermore, we are currently in the application process for ISO9001.

Health and safety

Maritime Archaeology Ltd follows guidelines in relation to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure a quality service to you. These are supplemented by appropriate Codes of Practice and guidance notes relating to specific activities for Archaeology.

Relevant Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes:

Terrestrial fieldwork

• ‘Health and Safety in Field Archaeology’ (Standing Conference of Archaeological Unit Managers, 1999) – Guidance on issues specific to terrestrial archaeology

Diving fieldwork

• 1997 HSE ‘Diving at Work’ Regulations
• HSE Archaeological and Scientific Diving Approved Code of Practice
• HSE Inland & Inshore Diving Approved Code of Practice