Maritime Archaeology Ltd

Maritime Archaeology Ltd is a CIfA registered organisation with a long record of high quality work in a variety of areas. Our expertise was gained over many years in the Solent region and today our services are available across the UK and internationally.

Our team has a wide range of experience in archaeological research and commercial diving using innovative techniques to provide services to support developers and heritage planners. We work together with organisations to protect maritime environments and offer an integrated approach to impact assessments, combining marine field investigations, planning, and research services.

We employ the most forward thinking professionals and researchers who seek to utilise traditional archaeological techniques with new and innovative ideas, techniques and technologies. This has included combining historical and archaeological studies, with state-of-the-art geoarchaeology, digital technology, and 3D modelling.

Our experienced, respected team has attracted a loyal client base for marine archaeology projects at sea, underwater and in the inter-tidal zone. These services are offered to a wide range of marine developments and sectors with all profits deployed to support marine cultural heritage and education projects.

To find out how we could help to make your project a success, please view our services or contact us.