Planning Advice

Marine and Coastal Assess Act (2009)

The Marine and Coastal Act 2009 sets out the system for marine management. It includes the marine planning system and general policies for the marine environment set out by The Marine Management Organisation (MMO). Maritime Archaeology Ltd will advise and ensure that your project is following the policies set out in the Act regarding any site of historic or archaeological interest within your marine study area.

PPS5 Planning for the Historic Environment

The PPS5 Planning for the Historic Environment Practice guide was withdrawn by the Government in 2010 and has been superseded by Historic Good Practice Advice Notes 1-3. The guidance notes provided information on good practice when implementing the Historic Environment Policy in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and guidance stated in the National Planning Practice Guide (PPG). Maritime Archaeology Ltd can aid local authorities, planning and other consultants, owners, applicants and other interested parties when assessing significance and managing the historic environment.