Work Sectors


Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy is becoming a growing industry in marine environments with an increasing amount of generation and distribution sites being planned to meet demand. The need to preserve submerged heritage around onshore or offshore installations is therefore becoming even more important.

As an experienced archaeology contractor, we have worked on projects including wind farms and offshore energy – expertise which could help the realisation of your scheme.

Seaweed Cultivation

The seaweed industry in the UK has expanded in the last decade, with products from fertiliser to cosmetics to food utilising the various species grown in UK waters. We have been working with seaweed farms since 2018 providing consultancy for Environmental Impact Reports and archaeological services.

During this time, we have seen the industry develop and have worked alongside various projects to help navigate the emerging guidance and requirements for survey work and reporting.

Aggregates and Mineral Extraction

Raw material extraction project managers need to consider heritage preservation as part of any sustainable development project, especially when reputation is at stake. This is why we recommend that you engage with us at an early stage to ensure minimum disruption to your site development.

Ports, Marinas and Harbours

With thousands of years of maritime history, our ports can be complex environments for developers. Shipwrecks and submerged settlements are just some of the features that occur regularly around our shores.Our comprehensive archaeology service could mitigate delays to your development; whether it be capital dredge requirements, channel deepening, shore-side works or reusing historic buildings.

Marine and Offshore

Working in marine and offshore environments can pose challenges for any installation. At Maritime Archaeology Ltd we are experienced in working in many environments, collaborating with commercial diving partners to offer environmental impact assessments.

Utilities and Pipelines

As with any development the potential impact by utility works on archaeological sites can be significant. At Maritime Archaeology Ltd we understand this and recommend consultancy and planning advice at an early stage to save time and mitigate any additional costs on your project.

Corporate Responsibility

We can work with you to assist and advise on corporate responsibility and recommend actions for the responsible development of marine environments.

Heritage Professionals and Stakeholders

We work with curators and all stakeholders on heritage projects and seek local knowledge for each and every project that we are involved in. These can be curators, local history groups, societies, and other organisations relevant to our sector and the project.