Enhancing the National Monuments Record

The overall aim of this project is to examine the perceived inconsistencies between the National Monuments Record (NMR) and United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) datasets and, where applicable, suggest solutions as to how these discrepancies should be overcome. Continuous communication with the NMR and UKHO and SeaZone will ensure detailed understanding of both datasets.

This project analyses the maritime NMR and UKHO data in areas that are currently subject to marine aggregate dredging as well as areas of potential marine dredging. This will support the work undertaken by the NMR in relation to finds reported through the EH-British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA) Protocol for Reporting Finds of Archaeological Interest. It will enable better informed licencing processes and facilitate a greater understanding of the data required to support UK Government priorities such as marine spatial planning.

This project involves four phases of work:

Phase 1: identify the scale of the problem and make recommendations.

Phase 2: test the recommendations to identify fit for purpose and practical solutions.

Phase 3: resolve data issues (where applicable) based on Phase 2 results.

Phase 4: production of guidance notes.

The current Phase 1, the identification of the scale of the problem, consists of:

  • Undertaking a pilot study by reviewing NMR and UKHO datasets in and around all existing aggregates extraction areas;
  • Undertaking a pilot study by reviewing NMR and UKHO datasets in the Thames Estuary and Humber areas since these are areas of potential aggregate extraction;
  • Reviewing NMR and UKHO datasets in all Protected Wreck Sites in England as a comparative tool;
  • Comparing the results of the three pilots;
  • and Making recommendations for possible solutions.

Due to the nature of UKHO and NMR datasets, this phase will also include cross referencing both datasets to enable consistency and achievement of standards according to standards and protocols for the marine sector (http://www.oceannet.org/). Consequently, this approach will enable the essential delivery of effective evidence to allow management decisions within the marine environment. Any issues regarding UKHO data are outside the framework of this project but, if they arise, they would be fed back to UKHO and SeaZone.

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