Development planning and environmental impact assessments



A comprehensive environmental impact assessment is key to ensuring your maritime development has a smooth journey through the planning and consents process.

We recommend seeking our advice early in the application process. This can minimise the risk of discovering unexpected archaeological material and avoiding costly delays.


Services include

  • Environmental impact reports and services:

    We can provide consultancy, scoping input, brief and specification development, written schemes of investigation, full heritage assessment, impact and monitoring services.

  • Baseline conditions, impact assessments and mitigation:

    Review of baseline conditions assesses the known and potential archaeological and palaeoenvironmental resource within a development area to enable assessment of potential impacts and the development of mitigation requirements. We have experience of projects of a range of scales (from marinas to whole regions) and in a range of offshore, nearshore and coastal environments.

  • ES Contributions:

    Based on the results of technical reports MA Ltd can provide Environmental Statement sections, and these can be stand alone or integrated with the results of other environmental studies based on your requirements.

Diving and field services

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Our Health and Safety Executive (HSE) compliant diving team can provide a range of archaeological diving services to meet your needs.

Your project may require the full use of our experienced diving team in the coastal, inter-tidal and offshore zones for archaeological investigations. Equally, at Maritime Archaeology Ltd we provide many clients with archaeological staff to work within their commercial or heritage diving teams on a project or retained basis.

We have experience with a wide variety of diving techniques within a range of HSE approved codes of practice. For the commercial sector we work within the Inland and Inshore Code using surface supplied diving. Within the Archaeological and Scientific Code we can use surface supplied or SCUBA diving techniques as appropriate to the task and conditions.

Furthermore, our diving team’s experience has been gained by collaborative work with the Maritime Archaeology Trust which means that we draw on over 22 years of experience of the charity’s research, investigations and pioneering techniques.