Consultants on Coastal Change


Arch-Manche Project

Diving and data services 2013

We were commissioned by the INTERREG IVa funded Arch-Manche project to provide services to demonstrate how archaeology, art and maritime coastal heritage can be used to show long-term patterns of coastal change and the impact on human settlement.

Working alongside the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France), the University of Ghent (Belgium)  and Deltares (the Netherlands), our HSE compliant diving team were sought for marine field investigations of archaeological sites and submerged landscapes to identify features and deposits.

Secondly, we integrated a range of geoarchaeological data sources in order to scope, design and instigate a shared project database and innovative, bespoke project viewer. This cross-channel viewer is a key output of the project, demonstrating that modern technology, archaeology and art can be used together as quantifying tools to support our understanding of coastal climate change in the waters between the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The results will dovetail with ‘Integrated Coastal Zone Management’ by informing sustainable policies for adapting to coastal climate change while presenting an exemplar for further international cooperation.

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A2S Contribution

MA Ltd Contribution to the A2S project:


MA Ltd was involved in the preparation and delivery of all UK fieldwork relating to the A2S project. This ranged from Geophysical survey to deep water diving and underwater excavation with a 5 man HSE dive team. As well as the fieldwork MA Ltd also provided specialist services for the processing of geophysical data.



Contributions to Activity 1 (Data Collection) – Processing of Geophysical Data



Dive contractor for Activity 3 (Fieldwork), included preparation, boat hire and 5 man HSE dive team

7th – 11th June

21st – 25th June

5th – 9th July

2nd – 6th August

22nd – 27th August


5 days geophysical Survey


Further Processing of geophysical data



Dive contractor for Activity 3 (Fieldwork), included preparation, boat hire and 4 man HSE dive team

23rd May – 27th May

27th June – 1st July

21st July – 27th July

8th August – 10th August

5th September – 9th September

22nd September – 23rd September